better day

better day

艺人:dolly parton



2011 Dolly Records, LLC 25首冠军单曲,41张Top10专辑,3次乡村歌后奖杯,无数格莱美和乡村音乐奖杯,入驻”乡村名人堂”“创作名人堂”“慈善名人堂”等顶级list。 Dolly 50年的演艺生涯可谓美国一大超级传奇,50多年,从未有过任何消退期,一直都是自我挑战,为乐迷送上了无数经典金曲;影响了一代又一代人,国民皇奶奶当之无愧。她不但是个顶级的歌手,而且还是个出色的女演员,80年代参演的几部影片,让她获得了2次金球奖的最佳女演员提名;同时她还是个出色的女高音歌唱家;同时,她还是个热...展开全部»

2011 Dolly Records, LLC
25首冠军单曲,41张Top10专辑,3次乡村歌后奖杯,无数格莱美和乡村音乐奖杯,入驻”乡村名人堂”“创作名人堂”“慈善名人堂”等顶级list。 Dolly 50年的演艺生涯可谓美国一大超级传奇,50多年,从未有过任何消退期,一直都是自我挑战,为乐迷送上了无数经典金曲;影响了一代又一代人,国民皇奶奶当之无愧。她不但是个顶级的歌手,而且还是个出色的女演员,80年代参演的几部影片,让她获得了2次金球奖的最佳女演员提名;同时她还是个出色的女高音歌唱家;同时,她还是个热心公益慈善的慈善家,50年内,做的慈善无数,帮助了各色各样需要帮助的人。目前Dolly已经65岁了,但是依旧有着旺盛的经历和 良好的状态,依旧为歌迷奉献着最为优秀的乡村乐。希望已经处于晚年的Dolly能身体健康,合家幸福。

Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, author, multi-instrumentalist, actress and philanthropist, best known for her work in country music.
She is one of the most successful female country artists, garnering the title of "The Queen of Country Music," with 25 number-one singles and a record forty-one top-10 country albums. She has the distinction of having performed on a top-five country hit in each of the last five decadesand is tied with Reba McEntire as the only country artists with No. 1 singles in four consecutive decades.

She is known for her distinctive soprano, sometimes bawdy humor, flamboyant style of dress and voluptuous figure.

Better Day is the title of the 41st studio album by Dolly Parton. It was released on June 28, 2011. It will be promoted on the Better Day World Tour. The first single from the album, "Together You and I," was premiered on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 27, 2011.It is a modern remake of her 1974 duet with Porter Wagoner, which was featured on their collaboration album, Porter ´n´ Dolly. Four of the songs on Better Day, "I Just Might", "Get Out and Stay Out", "Shine Like the Sun" and "Let Love Grow" are Parton´s personally recorded versions of songs she wrote for the Broadway adaptation of her 1980 movie 9 to 5.

Parton has already begun promotion of the tour and album, including across the BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom in April 2011.